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Licensing Agreements are now available on a nationwide basis outside the United States.
Contact The Academy for your country's special Licensing Fee.

International Licensing Agreements

Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc. is now offering Licensing Agreements to very qualified candidates on a nationwide level for franchising of Academy of English Language Learning schools within the host country. These Licensing Agreements provide very lucrative opportunities to businesspersons who are passionate about English language learning and clearly understand the opportunities that such learning provides to students.
Interested parties should contact Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc. via e-mail on our Contact page for Licensing Agreement information. Please be prepared to provide a sound franchising business plan for the host country. Licensing Agreements will be granted only to very qualified entities in the following countries listed in red:

Country Country
Argentina Jordan
Australia Kuwait
Austria Latvia
Bahrain Lithuania
Bangladesh Macau
Belize Malaysia
Belgium Mexico
Bolivia Morocco
Bosnia-Herzegovina Nepal
Brazil The Netherlands
Bulgaria New Zealand
Cameroon Nicaragua
Canada Nigeria
Chile Norway
Colombia Panama
Costa Rica Paraguay
Czech Republic Peru
Denmark Philippines
Dominican Republic Poland
Ecuador Portugal
Egypt Puerto Rico
El Salvador Qatar
England Romania
Estonia Russia
Finland Saudi Arabia
France Scotland
Georgia Senegal
Germany Serbia
Greece Singapore
Guatemala South Africa
Haiti South Korea
Honduras Spain
Hong Kong Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
India Taiwan
Indonesia Thailand
Iraq Turkey
Ireland United Arab Emirates
Israel Uruguay
Italy Venezuela
Jamaica Vietnam
Japan Wales

Licensing Agreements already exist in countries listed in green.

Academy of English Language Learning is an English language school franchise based in the United States that teaches American English in its classrooms. Our English language school franchise has over 100 English language courses for its students, making it an English school of incomparable value and worth to its students worldwide. Superior English language instruction happens here at The Academy because of our outstanding in-class curriculums, our exceptional synchronized books, and our wonderful instructors. The Academy is an English school where English language education is our mission, regardless of each student's current level of English language proficiency.
For the business person outside the United States looking for an English language school franchise, here is your partner...through our very special Licensing Program.
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